Enertec was founded on 2006 and is activated on renewable energy sector. The main activity of enertec is the wind speed measurements and energy projects in the sector of wind energy. The company also works and in the remainder space of renewable energy sources (PV's etc.)

The trading sector of enertec provide and construct tubular met mast from 10 to 50 meters and products relative with wind speed measurements.

Enertec services offer maximum reliability and quality at the same time with minimum response time. For this reason all services, products and constructions follow certified processes and standarts (EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005)

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PV power plants
Construction  of PV power plants

Enertec provides services for construction of PV plants using internal crew for project managing and for construction works including the civil and electrical works, assembly works and commissioning.

On project over than 500 kW EPC method is using too

solar power
Operation and maintenance services

Operation and maintenance services for PV plants include

  • Daily monitoring of the plant reporting the energy production and fault diagnosis
  • Delivery of monthly logbook for energy production , malfunctions and maintenance works
  • Annual optical check on PV modules, inverters, PV bases, on electrical installations, on cable connections and thermo-imaging of PV modules
  • Annual maintenance of medium voltage installations (over than 100kW plants)
  • Power quality measurements and ground resistance measurements.
  • Power curve measurements (V-I vs. P-V curves)
  • Every six months cleaning of PV modules and of the installation area
solar energy
Energy studies

Enertec performs studies and calculations for the development, construction and optimization of solar farms by using modern methods and tools.

Provide studies as:

  • Solar radiation potential estimation
  • Energy production estimation
  • Site design and micrositing
  • Design studies of medium and low voltage grids
  • Design studies for construction of substations Financial calculations of investment depreciations
  • Energy output optimization
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