Enertec was founded on 2006 and is activated on renewable energy sector. The main activity of enertec is the wind speed measurements and energy projects in the sector of wind energy. The company also works and in the remainder space of renewable energy sources (PV's etc.)

The trading sector of enertec provide and construct tubular met mast from 10 to 50 meters and products relative with wind speed measurements.

Enertec services offer maximum reliability and quality at the same time with minimum response time. For this reason all services, products and constructions follow certified processes and standarts (EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005)

Construction and supply of met masts
  • Construction of tubular masts from 10 to 50 meters. (Diameters: ÷82mm,÷130mm,÷150mm)
  • manufacture is realised accordingly to standar† ELOT EN 1993.03.01 - eurocode3
  • supply of lattice towers from 42 to 100 meters (450mm,600mm)
  • the lattice towers are manufactured according to the standards ISO 4032 & 4014
  • construction of relative with met masts and towers subconstructions( booms, anchors etc.)
  • Indicative subconstructions they are quoted below:
    • Booms for tubular masts(length:150cm)
    • Booms for lattice towers(length:285cm)
    • Anchors for tubular masts ( piles 60x60x1200mm ÷.22x1200mm)
    • Anchors for lattice towers (12mmx200x2800mm)
    • Mast and towers bases
    • Steel ropes (6mm 7x7 , 12mm 8x19)
    • Transformations for installation †of all type of sensors †in ††the boom
Measurement equipment
Measurement equipment
Supply of equipment for wind speed measurements
  • Cup anemometers (Vector, NRG, Thies, SecondWind, Vaisala)
  • Wind vanes (Vector, NRG, Wilmers)
  • Thermometers ( vector,Nrg)
  • Barometric pressure sensors (NRG)
  • Hudimity sensors (nrg)
  • Rain gauges (NRG, GREENSPAN)
  • Solar radiation sensors (Kipp& Zonen)
  • Ultrasonic sensors (FT)
  • Propeller anemometer (RM Young)
  • Data loggers (Symmetron ,Campbell, secondwind)
  • Modems (wavecom , Siemens)
  • Data cables LiYCY 2x0.25 mm2, 2x0.50 mm, 3x0.25 mm2, 3x0.50 mm2, 7x0.25 mm2, 7x0.50 mm2.
  • Power cables NYY 2x1mm2
  • Protection boxes (IP 65, GENERAL ELECTRIC, FIBOX, RITTAL).
  • Batteries† 12V and 7Ah, 12Ah, 72Ah (YUASA, SUN LIGHT, VARTA)
  • Charge controllers 12 volt ÍŠť 4-12 Ń.(MORING START, STECA)
  • PV modules 10-25W (CONERGY, SUNTECH)
  • Aviation lights 10cd,32cd,2000cd (CARMANAH, ORGA,OBELUX)
Contact Details

40th Iroon Polytechneiou Str.
ZIP 41335, Larissa
Tel:+30 2410 623230, Fax: +30 2410 623233
E-mail: info@enertec.gr

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