Enertec was founded on 2006 and is activated on renewable energy sector. The main activity of enertec is the wind speed measurements and energy projects in the sector of wind energy. The company also works and in the remainder space of renewable energy sources (PV's etc.)

The trading sector of enertec provide and construct tubular met mast from 10 to 50 meters and products relative with wind speed measurements.

Enertec services offer maximum reliability and quality at the same time with minimum response time. For this reason all services, products and constructions follow certified processes and standarts (EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005)


Welcome to our web site.
Enertec is specialised in the renewable energy sector.

Enertec Services are:

Energy Studies
  • EPC construction
  • Operation and maintenance services
  • Wind turbine Assembly and maintenance
  • Wind measurements
  • Energy Studies
Renewable Energy
  • Construction of PV power plants
  • Operation and maintenance services
  • Energy studies
ydroelectrika erga
  • EPC construction
  • Operation and maintenance services
  • Energy studies
hlektromixanika erga
  • Construction of voltage grids & telecommunications grids
  • Maintenance of voltage substations
  • Installation of electromechanical components
  • Operation of voltage installations - retrofits
  • Fault locator services
civil works
  • Construction of roads, trenches, bases for auxiliary buildings, horizontal directional drilling and
    micro tunneling for pipelines and cables and platforms shaping
  • Maintenance services (roads, drain installations, platforms etc.
monitoring services
  • Programs for schedule monitoring of power plants
  • On call site services with scheduled time of response
(*) Enertec offers its services in all Europe and Balcan area.

The products enertec constructs and supplies are:
Construction and supply of met masts and subconstructions( booms, anchors etc.)
Measurement equipment
Measurement equipment
Supply of equipment for wind speed measurements

With customers in Greece and abroad, enertec has the experience, know-how, infrastructure and trained personnel in order to offer qualitative services in the renewable energy sector.

You can see details about our Services, Products and Customers in the respected site sections.

Contact Details

40th Iroon Polytechneiou Str.
ZIP 41335, Larissa
Tel:+30 2410 623230, Fax: +30 2410 623233
E-mail: info@enertec.gr

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